About Us 關於我們

“Area Company” was founded in 2018  with two divisions:

“Global Sourcing and Sales Agents"

The firm aims to supply businesses with a professional import/export service and has a team to help. The expert staff ensures clients receive an excellent service. The service is intended to promote your business every time.
Our Marketing strategy helps to obtain and supply these high-quality commodities at very competitive prices to our customers and potential buyers. When you buy from "Area Company" you get great customer service, supply chain management, quality control on-time delivery and warehousing at no direct cost.

“Area Company” in providing our clients the fine overseas brand products
Frequently, we meet with overseas suppliers in hoping to market their products into our market, and we are always welcome to build up the business chances for them. In fact, we prove that we are their bridge to enter into the market.





“天域洋行”為客戶提供優質的海外品牌產品 我們經常與海外供應商會面,希望將他們的產品推向我們的市場,我們隨時歡迎他們為他們建立商機。事實上,我們證明了我們是他們進入市場的橋樑。