Product Launch 產品上市

Zero "零距離" 安全裝備

All of our products are manufactured in ISO-9001 accredited factories, is marked with CE compliance and conforms to all relevant AS/NZS and EN safety codes

我們所有的產品均在通過 ISO-9001 認證的工廠生產,符合 CE 標準並符合所有相關的 AS/NZS 和 EN 安全規範


Our Height Safety and Fall Arrest Protection equipment include;

Safety Harnesses, Rope Access Harnesses, Height Safety Kits, Height Safety Helmets, Lanyards, Work Positioning devices, Anchor Devices, Fall Arresters, Self Retracting Lifelines, Fall Arrest Blocks, Static Ropes and Ropelines, Connectors Snaphooks Carabiners and Hardware, Confined Space, Tripods and Winches, Rescue Equipment, Rigging Equipment, Kit Bags and Accessories.


安全帶、繩索安全帶、高空安全套件、高空安全頭盔、繫索、工作定位裝置、錨固裝置、防墜落裝置、自動回縮救生索、防墜落塊、靜力繩索和繩索、連接器、彈簧扣、登山扣和五金件、密閉空間、三腳架 和絞車、救援設備、索具設備、工具包和配件。



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